Jan Jacobs (baptized in 1695/96, † 27-01-1767 Den Burg, Texel) selling off his parents real-estate in Noord-Brabant

This website is about the history of a branch of the Verberne family. It describes the branch of Verberne’s originating from Texel, an island off the north-west coast in the Netherlands. This Texel branch of Verberne’s has it’s roots in Noord-Brabant, one of the three southern provinces in the Netherlands. It is primarily in Dutch, but in time we’ll be translating more into English as well.

Two historical documents form the base of this website:
1. Untitled and historical document written by H.W.J. Verberne (documented 1973)
2. Texelse Geslachten II (only the section relating to the Verberne family)


Until recently most of our records got us back to 1664 with Jacob Jansen Verberne. He was considered to be our oldest known ancestor. Thanks to digitalisation of official records we were able to get back to the year 1547, another four generations back in time.

Govert (Godefridus) Verberne was born in 1547 in Lierop, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. He had one child with Catarina Beniers and five more children, presumably also hers.
Jacob Jansen Verberne, born around 1664 in the province of Noord-Brabant, left Noord-Brabant and moved to Texel around 1700. On July 22 1722, his son Jan Jacobs (baptized in 1695/96, † 27-01-1767 Den Burg, Texel) sold real-estate in Noord-Brabant on behalf of his parents. The handwritten record displayed above states this transaction and was signed by him on August 10, 1722 in Lierop, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

Global database

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If you’re interested to know more about your own descent we invite you to add your known relatives to our database, thus matching your roots with ours. For reasons of privacy we prefer to leave out all living relatives, unless their approval has been obtained.

Just drop us an email and we’ll send you a link allowing you to add your family tree to the database. Free of charge! We’re very interested to know which Verberne’s migrated to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and other parts of the world. And also about the one’s that didn’t. Furthermore we’re interested in their professions and other relevant historical information. Were they involved in major projects, discoveries, building things, etc.? Things that made a difference in history.


In the Appendix you’ll find more geographical information about where your forefathers lived in The Netherlands.

Most of our known relatives living during this politically, religiously volatile era. Roughly 200 years ago the Kingdom of the Netherlands was about to fall apart into separate countries.
Our antique silk map (1830) shows the geographical situation just before the separation of Belgium and Luxemburg from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It also includes some geo-political information to clarify the political turmoil the Netherlands went through.