Joost Michiels Verberne


Jacob Jansen Verberne was often spotted with a Joost Michiels Verberne, baptized in Lierop, on 11/23/1672 as the third child and first son of Michaëlis Joste (Joost) Verberne (born around 1643) and Gerarda Gerardi van Goch (born around 1648). Author followed his descent till around 1580. It’s uncertain whether Joost Michiels Verberne was related to Jacob Jansen Verberne; however it’s likely, since the first child of the couple Jacob Verberne – Verhees being baptized Texel, Joost Michiels Verberne was it’s godfather, a task commonly performed by members of the family.

On 10/29/1704 Joost Michiels Verberne bought a house at the Binnenburg in Den Burg for 290,= guilders. It was sold after he passed away, yet he’d never lived there. On 10/18/1713 Joost Michiels Verberne (residing in Lierop in the Meijerij of den Bosch) bought a house, cottage and land in Den Helder where he lived as a dekenman, merchant in cloth. On 10/19/1713 he got in trouble with the law: “Joost Verberne, tegenwoordig op dezen lande“, suspected of stealing lumber from Jan Simons Voogd’s land. On 11/30/1713 he’s summoned to pay the remaining 200 guilders purchase money for a yard (official archives at Huisduinen). On 06/07/1710 (official archive of Wieringen) Joost Michiels Verberne got in trouble with justice since he wouldn’t pay any money for the poor, which apparently he was obliged to do.

Joost Michielsz Verberne dies at the end of April 1739 – as it was registered in the “Impost op het overlijden” of Den Helder: “Joost Verberne dead f 3=0=0” (04/30/1739) – at the age of 67. One of his heirs, a Thomas Verberne from Helmond, travels to the north to execute the inheritance and granted Jan Jacobs Verberne (the eldest son of Jacob Jansen Verberne) the power of attorney on behalf of all heirs. Most likely Joost Michielsz V. remained single. As noted earlier Jacob Jansen Verberne and Joost Michielsz Verberne worked together quite often: both merchants and were spotted together in Schagen and in 1710 in Wieringen.