Texel Verberne Family Tree

Verberne Family Pedigree copy

The Texel Verberne Family Tree has been revised. Primarily because a whole lot of international institutional data collections and records have become available on the Internet, thus making my original family tree obsolete.

Person Index

An overview of Verberne’s, spouses and children can be viewed in the Person Index. No living people are being displayed. To view additional information just click the link number in the column on the right.


I’ve moved the Texel Verberne Family Tree to Ancestry since it’s so easy to work with. By now there are more than 1000 people in the database. Living people aren’t being displayed so privacy is guaranteed, hence filtered. The great thing about Ancestry is that all entries are being matched with official records globally and by this way you can even expand, correct and update your own data with a single click.

Texel Verberne Family Tree Filtered

You can view or contribute to the Verberne Family tree on Ancestry.com. In order to do this you’ll need to just pop me a note containing your email address and I’ll send you an invitation containing a link to the Texel Verberne Family Tree on Ancestry. You’ll then be able to create a free account on Ancestry.com and view or add your own information.
You can view and print this family tree as well as historical records, photos, and stories associated with people in the tree.

Go to Verberne Family Tree Filtered on Ancestry.com.

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